Top 7 Facts You Didn’t Know about Hong Kong

Top 6 Facts You Didn’t Know about HONG KONG

6. Powered by Coal
The majority of Hong Kong’s power comes from a coal power plant located on Lamma Island. This small island off the southern show of Hong Kong has 2 small harbours with a few tourist attractions, mostly being food stalls. There is a ferry service from Hong Kong’s downtown harbour that goes to both ferry terminals on the island which is handy considering there is a nice hike that goes between the harbours.

6. Urban Garden
Hong Kong is home to one of the most beautiful urban gardens in the world. The Chi Lin Nunnery was founded in 1934 as a retreat for Buddhist nuns. The grounds are immaculately cared for with every plant being hand trimmed. Within the gardens is a large Buddhist Nunnery which is the world’s largest hand built wooden building using no nails. Nuns and monks can be found on the grounds daily as well as a boatload of tourists.

5. Unique and Superstitious Build Design
The buildings of Hong Kong are not designed with just random ideas and shapes on mind. There are a few principles that are followed when the design of a building is drawn up. Feng shui has a prominent role is how buildings are designed, how they are originated including the entrance to the building. Building designs are often reviewed with a feng shui expert to make sure the rules are not being broken.

4. Density
If you haven’t been to Asia before then stepping off an airplane in Hong Kong will blow your mind. The buildings are tall, very tall with average heights of 60 – 90 stories tall. Hong Kong is built on the side of a mountain and houses over 7.3 million people meaning the best solution for their rising population is to go up. Huge skyscrapers have been built there for over 50 years and they just seem to get taller every year.

3. Weird Businesses in Weird Places
You might wonder how certain businesses can exist when there is simply no space for them in Hong Kong. For example where would they have room for a building materials store like Home Depot or Lowes or maybe a simple gas station? Hong Kong has themed streets where everything of one type can be found there. This isn’t for everything but almost everything, for example construction materials are found on the construction street and each store specializes in something different such as light bulbs, lumber, bathroom fixtures, hardware, tools etc.

2. Located Close to the Vegas of Asia
Hong Kong is a short hydroplane boat ride from Macau which has been dubbed the Vegas of Asia. Construction is massive and rapid in Macau where the gambling goes on day and night. 24 hour boat service from Hong Kong to Macau already in place but a massive overwater bridge is being designed and constructed to physically connect the two cities. Macau is different than the rest of China or Hong Kong for that fact. Macau was once a Portuguese settlement, the building still remain but the culture today is very much Chinese. On the island there are still plenty of signs of th foreign settlement but this is all in the old town areas, heading over to the newly developed areas you’ll see Casinos, lots of casinos. If you want to visit this place you’ll be welcomed with open arms if you have a passport from a certain country such as a Canadian passport.

1. Pink Dolphins
The pink dolphins in the waters around Hong Kong are a popular tourist attraction but it wasn’t always this way. To see them you’ll need to head over to Lantau Island which is a large mostly undeveloped island south east from the city. There is a small fishing village on the far side of the island that runs tours to go see the pink dolphins but getting there was difficult before the new Hong Kong airport was built. Hong Kong’s airport was once right in main harbour on reclaimed land. Pilots would have to approach at unscrupulous angles to land the planes making it one of the most dangerous airports to land a plane. Growing demands applied a lot of pressure so the Hong Kong government moved the airport to a massive new facility on Lantau Island. By doing so they added a lot of new infrastructure including new MRT train lines and properly developed paved roads. This also helped with tourism of the Giant Buddha that sits on the backside of a mountain on Lantau Island.


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