Top 5 Highest Paying Night Shift Jobs

5. Protective service workers
These jobs are one that require people to work day or night to keep people, property and society safe. There are a variety of jobs that fall under this category such as police officers, firefighters, correctional officers, security guards, prison and jail security and private investigators.

Firefighters bring in an average annual salary of $42,000 which seems like not much considering the risk of the job. Being on call 24/7, putting their lives in harms way to save people, pets and property from a fiery inferno. The job of firefighter is one of the most selfless and heroic jobs out there and also one that can drastically change in an instant. One moment a firefighter can be reading a book in a firehall, moment later are throwing on their gear, sliding down the pole and racing to dose a burning building with water. There are some unique requirements to be a firefighter that most other jobs don’t have. No criminal convictions, must be able to swim, physically fit and able to carry over 100lbs, a clean record of safe driving, and must live close to the firehall.

Police Officers put their lives on the line daily to keep the general public safe but end up bringing an average of $5,000 a year more. With an annual salary of $47,000 police officers have more requirements to join the force. No citizen with a criminal record, dui, felony conviction, some misdemeanor convictions, history of illegal drug use or poor driving record will become a police office. Some police agencies require officers to have a bachelor’s degree as well. New police officers almost always have to spend the first few years on the force doing the night shift. It’s the least desired time to work saved for rookies.

Within this bracket the private investigator makes the most, on average $48,000 per year. A P.I. is someone who is hired to get personal information on someone sometimes regarding legal or financial matters.

4. Truck Driver
Long days and long nights is what you’re in store for if you’re a truck driver. Truck drivers have deadlines where they must move their load to their destination at on set schedule. This requires truck drivers to drive for extended periods of time going throughout the night. On the dash of many trucks are blue lights, these lights mimic the color of daytime to artificially help keep the driver awake. Most truck drivers are only given 1 day off a week, and don’t have proper access to health care.

3. Funeral directors
A job that someone has to do is the funeral director. Now this might be confusing at first but funeral directors are often called in the middle of the night to come pick up a body. While the pay is quite good at $87,383 that doesn’t’ come without it’s struggles. Grieving families sometimes become adamant that none of grandma’s furniture be moved or are angry she is being taken away too quickly. Funeral directors need to make a decisive and clear path on how to get the deceased family member out of the house. If the path out to the hearse is coming down the stairs in an apartment building, often stretchers won’t fit in the hallways leaving the deceased person to be carried.

2. Toolpushers, Drill Leaders and Supervisors
Oil Doesn’t find its way out of the ground on it’s own, someone with the job of toolpusher, driller leader or supervisor are responsible for getting the oil out. This job requires one to live on an oil platform out in the middle of the ocean. The salary can range from $75,000 to $100,000 depending on the position. Some specialized positioned can go as high as $220,000 but these aren’t very common so we won’t take that into account for the ordering of this list. Oil rigs operate 24 hours a day which means different teams are assigned different shifts. Everyone has to take turns doing the night shifts. Doing any job on an oil rig can be dangerous especially at night.

1. Air Traffic Controller
This demanding job is not only the highest paying night owl job but also the most stressful. An air traffic controller is in charge of directing airplane traffic throughout the skis so every plane has a safe place to fly and an organized order for planes to land. If you’ve ever noticed during a flight you reach your intended destination but end up flying a circle around that’s because an air traffic controller has put your plane into cue for landing but there might be 15 – 20 planes ahead of yours also waiting to land.


Tool Pusher Cabin

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