The World’s Most Dangerous Golf Course

Did you know there is a golf course surrounded by immense danger? On this episode we’ll take a look at the World’s Most Dangerous Golf Course.

Camp Bonifas is the United Nations Command Security Force base camp located just 1300 feet or 400 meters south of the southern border of the Demilitarized Zone, just below the North Korean border. Over the years various numbers of troops have been stationed here, at one point more than 700. This base is quite strict with it’s rules not allowing much freedom including not allowing family members to stay with the troops. As the American soldiers became bored with the lack of fun activities they decided to build a golf course. After taking a look at what land they had available they realized they’d only have enough room to build a single hole. This par 3 golf course as it’s stated has 1 hole measuring 192 yards or 176 meters long. A wooden footbridge leads over to the tee box. The tee box itself sits 50 feet 15 meters above the fairway on top of an old machine gun nest. On both sides of the fairway are 6 foot or 2 meter deep trenches that lead to the green. The green is surrounded by sand and military bunkers. This par 3 is apparently so difficult to par that Staff Stg. Derrick Meisenheimer, an avid golfer stationed at Camp Bonifas, has only done it once. The green is hard as a rock and rarely holds a golf ball that lands on it.

This narrow golf hole is surrounded by Camp Bonifas on one side and a live minefield on the other. For this reason, as it’s stated on a wooden board upon entering, retrieving out of bounds golf balls is incredibly dangerous and not recommended. With that said it has been stated that a foul shot into the rough has caused one landmine to explode. If golfing beside live landmines at the border of North Korea isn’t dangerous enough, it’s said wild beasts lurk in the woods. Golfers claim to have spotted wild boars thrashing through the woods as well as vampire deer have been spotted. What’s a vampire deer you might ask, these crazy looking deer that look like a mix of bambi and count dracula. There have even been claims that Korean Tigers have been spotted, which is highly unlikely as the Korean Tiger or more commonly known, the Siberian Tiger was last seen in Korean in 1922. It’s believed that there are only 400 Siberian Tigers left in the wild and all of those are in remote parts of russia.

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