The World’s Deepest Swimming Pool

World’s Deepest Swimming Pool
hotel terme millepini pool
Located at the Hotel Terme Millepini in Montegrotto Terme, Italy is the world’s deepest swimming pool. That’s right this swimming pool is in a hotel! This 4 star hotel in Italy features 100 rooms which are priced around $100 to $200 a night. Now it may seem bizarre that a hotel pool is so deep but if anything it’s a brilliant plan for tons of free marketing and publicity.

The world’s deepest pool holds 1,136,000 gallons or 4300 cubic metres of water which is kept at a comfortable 90 degrees fahrenheit or 32 degrees celsius. This allows divers the freedom of diving without the need for a wetsuit. This pool isn’t just a deep tube, it has a large open square shape with underwater caves and a tube running through the middle of it where non swimming viewers can sit and watch. The pool is an ideal place to teach people scuba diving with platforms at 4.3 ft or 1.3 meters, 39 feet or 12 meters and the very bottom being at 131 ft or 40 meters deep. This is the equivalent of a 14 story building deep. Crazy right? The hotel offers tickets to free dive and scuba dive. The pool was opened on June 5th 2014 and awarded the title of Deepest Swimming Pool for Diving by the Guinness World Records. The previous record holder was the Nemo 33 pool in Belgium at a depth of 113 feet or 34.5meters. It has been stated that some people are too afraid to swim in the pool because of it’s depth but this is ridiculous considering any lake or ocean would be significantly deeper, who knows maybe those people don’t swim there either. The Y-40 pool as it’s called was designed and built by architect Emanuele Boaretto with the support of the “Boaretto Group Hotel & Resort”. The pool is open most days from 3 pm to 10 pm on weekdays and 10 am to 10 pm on weekends and costs $40 to swim alone or $65 with a guide. There are also a handful of classes that one can take so if you’re into diving this is the place to be.


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