The Smallest House in Britain

The Quay House located in Conwy, Wales is smaller than any other in the country. A popular tourist attraction this house measures 59 square feet or 5.5 square meters in size. Created in the 16th century by fisherman Robert Jones this house remained a functioning house until 1900. The Quay House was set to be demolished but the owner proved it was the smallest house in Britain. It was added to the Guinness Book of Records in the 1950s which has helped its popularity as an attraction to see in Conwy. This house is located steps from the Conwy Castle walls on the end of a row of homes. The iconic red front wall makes it very easy to find, you’ll also notice it’s shorter than the rest of the homes it’s attached to.

The inside is features 2 floors, visitors to the home to view the home for 1 pound or $1.35. A Welsh lady dressed in traditional clothing will explain the history of the home and point out historical pieces that still remain there today. The main floor has a seating bench, table, fireplace, a water tap behind the stairs, coal bunker and a bunch of old photos on the wall. Upstairs can only be viewed from a step ladder as the top floor is structurally unsound these days. There is only enough room for a small single bed on the top floor as well as a small storage container. This tiny house is only 6 feet wide or almost 2 meters but does benefit from a decent amount of vertical space. In it’s prime this house was home to 6 people then eventually an elderly couple lived here.


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