The Most Extreme Paragliding Experience


Parahawking – Paragliding with a bird of prey
-Scott Mason invented Parahawking which is paragliding with a bird of prey
-He got the idea for this 16 years ago in Nepal
-Scott’s parahawking business runs out of Pokhara, Nepal
-After 5 years of parahawking on his own he turned it into a business
-You can fly tandem with Scott on a Paraglider through the Himalayas
-Each flight lasts 20-30 minutes
-As you are soaring through the air Scott will call for the birds of prey to land on his glove
-The birds are Egyptian Vultures
-All birds Scott works with are rescue birds
-The birds used in parahawking are birds that have been trapped in cages since they were very young and have relied on humans for survival and will no longer have a good chance of survival in the wild on their own
-The birds are rehabilitated and trained to fly the 20 – 30 minute flights
-The egyptian vultures will guide the parahawking pilot to places of high thermal air which causes an updraft keeping the glider in the air. As a reward a small piece of meat will be placed on a thick glove the rider is wearing and the vulture will land on the glove for a few moments to eat the meat
-Scott is currently raising money for a vulture conservation in Nepal
-Prices start at $275 USD for parahawking experience
-Scott offers multiple day stays in Nepal with a Bird of Prey experience on the ground as well


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