The Most Beautiful Subway Station

Dome of light
The Dome on Light is found at the Formosa Boulevard MTR Station, located in the Singsin district of Kaohsiung Taiwan.
The station was named after the Formosa Boulevard remodeling project for the 2009 world games.
The dome of light was built to commemorate Taiwan becoming a true democratic nation. The name Formosa comes from the Formosa incident which is where members of the Formosa Magazine held a Democratic demonstration on Human Rights Day on December 10, 1979. They tried to book an indoor arena and space at Rotary Park to hold their event but were denied at both locations, so they set out to spread their democratic message with 2 wagons.
Now at this time Taiwan was ruled by the KMT or Kuomintang government which was a branch of dictatorship government from China. The KMT knew a demonstration was going to be held and secretly took positions before they even got there. When the wagons showed up the KMT held up the wagons and beat two volunteers. This was the defining moment of when dictatorship died in Taiwan. Tangwai an independent politician in Taiwan showed up with all his supporters. This event push democracy forward vastly and Taiwan became a true democracy in 1986.
The initial democratic demonstration happened close to the Formosa Boulevard station hence this is why that specific station was named after this event.
This station is the only transfer station between the red and orange subway lines, at level B1 is where the dome can be found.
The dome of light, probably one of the most beautiful, interesting and colorful things you’d ever see in a subway station.
It has been dubbed the most beautiful subway station in the world primarily because of the dome on light but also is known for 4 entrances to the station which were designed by architect Shin Takamatsu. The 4 entrances have the same design and point towards each other which is thought to be symbolic of hands clasped in prayer.
The dome was designed and built by Italian artist Narcissus Quagliata. It took Quagliata 4 and half years to create. The dome is made up of 4500 panels of glass which spans 98 feet or 30 meters making it the largest work of glass art in the world.
The dome is divided into four quadrants, water, light, earth and fire.


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