Tesla Unveils Semi and Roadster 2.0

Tesla, the electric car company that has been changing the automobile industry has just unveiled their new Tesla Electric Semi and Roadster 2.0

This event held in Hawthorne, California opened with a full size and shorter semi truck design pulling up to the stage. This stylish new semi design boasts an engine that can go from 0 – 60 mph or 0 – 96 km/h in 5 seconds. With a full 80,000 lbs or 36,000 kg load it can do this in 20 seconds. Diesel semi trucks today can max out at 45 mph or 72 km/h while going up a 5 % grade but the Tesla can travel up 65 mph or 104 km/h on that same 5% grade. At highway speeds this Tesla semi will have a 500 mile or 804 km range fully loaded. This single gear semi truck has a unique feature to prevent jack-knifing. Each wheel has a motor to alter torque. Guaranteed not to break down for a million miles, and brake pads that apparently last forever this semi looks like a game changer. These massive trucks will charge their batteries at new megachargers located at truck stops. 30 minutes charge time will add 400 miles or almost 650 kms to the battery pack. The truck is going into production in 2019, it’ll be interesting to see how many orders are placed.

Now for the Roadster 2.0. The first roadster, Tesla’s first car and the backbone of the company was produced in limited amounts but was loved by many. Demand for a new version has been strong but Telsa’s Roadster 2.0 is more than what anyone expected. 3 motors are able to propel this car to 60 mph or 96 km/h in just 1.9 seconds. This will be the first car in history to reach those speed under 2 seconds. The top speed is over 250 mph or 402 km/h but Elon wouldn’t say exactly what. Tesla wants to destroy all myths about electric cars, with that said the Roadster 2.0 can travel 620 miles or 1000 kms on a single charge. Believe it or not this roadster actually has 4 seats, as long are giants aren’t sitting in the back. Slated for production in 2020 the Roadster 2.0 will retail for $250,000. This may seem expensive but compared to the competition, the Mclaren 720S retails for $300,000 and Bugatti Chiron for 3 million.

Are you impressed with Tesla’s steady release of new and innovative products?

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