Lotus Pond Temples of Kaohsiung Taiwan

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Lotus Pond Temples in Kaohsiung Taiwan
-Lotus Pond in Kaohsiung Taiwan is famous for the lotus plants on the lake as well as the numerous temples that surround the lake.
-Kaohsiung is not exactly a popular tourist destination but if you do visit, definitely pay a visit to pond lake. With that said the people in Kaohsiung, and Taiwan in general only speak Mandarin, you’ll be hard pressed to find anyone who speaks english.

So let’s get into this.

7. Confucius
-The new Confucius Temple was constructed in 1977. It’s a large structure built at the northwest corner of Lotus Pond. This temple is the largest of it’s type in Taiwan. Traditional Confucius Ceremonies take place here following the traditions of Ba Yi Dance which is a dance performed with 8 dancers in eight rows.

6. Qiming Tang
The Qiming Tang Temple is a large temple located at the midpoint on one side of the lake. It’s not too far down the street from the Tiger and Dragon Pagodas which you’ll see further down the list. Locals can be found worshipping and lighting incense here. This temple is free to enter and full of impressive architecture.

5. Spring Autumn Pavilions
-Established in 1953 the spring and autumn pavilions are Chinese style structures that are 4 stories each, built in an hexagonal pattern. On top of each dragon is a Guanyin statue, according to local legend that rider was the Goddess of Mercy who instructed followers to build the icon between the 2 pavilions.

4. Chingshui Temple
-The next temple we have here has a bit of mystery regarding the name of it. Finding any info on it is quite difficult, some places call it the Chingshui Temple where others call it the Zhouzi Qingshui Temple. Regardless of the name this green roofed temple features a giant Buddha sitting the roof you can’t miss. According to a couple sources online this Temple features unique construction and features like the giant Buddha not typically seen anywhere else in Taiwan.

3. Tiger / Dragon Pagodas
-Next we have the Dragon and Tiger Pagodas which were built in 1976. One tower is the tiger tower the other is the dragon tower. Each tower is 7 stories tall and are connected to the shore by a long zig zag bridge. The towers are also connected to each other at the base. Within each tower there is a double spiral staircase, one for ascending and one for descending. These staircases are quite narrow and steep but once you reach the 7th floor the view is breathtaking.

2. Cijigong
-Cijigong is a temple across the street from the Tiger and Dragon pagodas. Before you go into the temple you’ll notice a wide array of foods that can be bought, if you’re a tourist go over to the fruit table you’ll be able to try fruits you’ve likely never seen before like Cherimoya and Egg Fruit. Outside the temple you can hear the sounds of a prayer.

1. Beiji Xuantian Shangdi
The Beiji Xuantian Shangdi Taoist temple resides in the middle of the lake. A long bridge connects the mainland to the feet of the deity. Originally built in the 1600s this sculpture has seen multiple renovations. The man sitting here is Taoist deity Xuan Tian Shang Di who was known for his ability to cure illness and drive away evil. Those are some pretty good skills to have in life. Locals consider this temple the most religious site in the area and if you look closely ancient plaques can be found around the worship site.

That covers the major temples around Lotus Pond but there are actually over 15 temples close by. You’ll also notice while walking around the lake a zipline wake boarding track call the Lotus Wake Park is on the lake as well which is close to the tiger / dragon pagodas.
-Taking a walk around this pond is literally a breath of fresh air in the highly polluted city of Kaohsiung

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