Abandoned Pit Mine Becomes Hotel

Old Pit Mine Becomes a Hotel

Something amazing is happening outside of the city limits of Shanghai, an old, abandoned pit mine is being brought back to life. On this episode we’ll take a look how this old pit mine is becoming a hotel.

The Intercontinental Shimao quarry hotel is a hotel being built at the site of an old pit mine in the Songjiang District of Shanghai, China. This 5 star hotel will be built in an S shape along one wall of the abandoned pit mine at the base of the Tianmeshan Mountain. This 18 floor hotel will designate 2 of those floors being underwater in the partially flooded pit at the bottom. The lobby, meeting center, recreation facilities and dining are the only 2 floors that will be above ground. The hotel will have 370 rooms, as well as a 1000 person conference room, grand ballroom cafes and restaurants on the ground floor. It is expected to have a soft opening by the end of 2017 and rooms will cost an estimated $320 per night. Hanging gardens will cascade off the roofs giving the image of a green hillside growing down the face of the pit as well as a vertical glass atrium will run from the bottom to the ground level disguised as a waterfall.

Not only is this a hotel but it will feature extreme sports activities like bungee jumping, rock climbing and sightseeing platform. A lake will be made by filling in part of the pit in front of the hotel for swimming and relaxing in the sun. Construction has been difficult on this project but expected considering this is the world’s lowest artificial altitude hotel. The biggest challenges have been designing the safety systems like fire safety, waterproof facilities, and earthquake precautions. After many delays the project has moved forward swiftly since 2014. Drones, 3d scanners, and wire-release robots have all been used in the preparation for this building, allowing engineers to detect uneven rock surfaces, make precise measurements and help with transport of construction materials and workers.


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