10 Houses Built in Weird Locations

These amazing tree houses in Papua New Guinea have been built up to 150 ft or 46 meters in the air. They are home to the Korowai tribe, a tribe that’s been isolated from Humanity up until 1974. They build their houses so high up in trees to protect themselves from rival tribes, predators and any creepy crawlies on the jungle floor.

Check out this lighthouse / house, at first glance you might be thinking that’s a really hard day of mountain climbing just to get up there but in fact nobody’s climbing up there as the ocean waters would probably be more dangerous to cross than climbing to the top of this peak. If you look carefully there’s actually a helipad, making this the only realistic way of getting up there.

The Maunsell Sea fort’s in England, These floating forts were constructed during World War to protect against German air and Naval raids. They were decommission in 1950 and have since been inhabited by Pirates.

This sunken house located Vals, Switzerland is a modern home built by architecture company search and Christian Mueller architects. How would you feel about living underground like this, let us know in the comments down below.

Here we have a floating house attached to the side of a cliff. I’m sure the views are incredible but wouldn’t it just take one little earthquake to shake this right off the edge?

The Meteora monasteries in Greece were built to keep monks safe from danger in the 11th century. There are a total of six of these buildings each with less than 10 residents, now they are open to tourists but then who’s going to make it up there since there’s no accessible road…

We have yet again another cliffside house this one looks even more precarious, the only thing holding this house have are a few simple cables attached to a tree. You better hope the roots don’t give out, not an ideal place to be in a windstorm.

Here we have a palace on a rock outcrop, I’m sure it was built to protect against attackers and invaders but today it’s safe to assume dominos isn’t delivering up there.

Paro Taktsang Monastery or the Tiger’s Nest Buddhist monastery was built on the side of a cliff in the upper Paro Valley in Bhutan. This sacred site focused around meditation, you’re going to need a strong donkey to get up there

These weird tree houses were constructed at the 9 Ladies Stone Circle by environmentalists. The 9 ladies Stone Circle is a pagan worship site but recently a quarry was proposed to be built only a few hundred meters from the site. Environmental group Slag set up tree houses to prevent them furthering progress with the project. Something to note, it’s very hard to evict people living in a tree.




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